Developing A More Consistent Downswing Swing

At the start of the new year, I made a more conscious effort while practicing at the range to not try to hit as many balls as hard as I can, but rather swing slower to replicate a more consistent, pure strike out from the center of the club face or “sweet spot” (follow up post to come on how to determine what part of the club you’re hitting the ball with).

I recently changed my swing (again…) to incorporate a more stable spine angle and hip turn starting from the backswing through to the follow through. This change made my hands travel more inside leading to me toeing the ball almost every time. When I adjusted by throwing my hand-plane out on the downswing to over-compensate, I found that though I was hitting a solid shot, my ball had a very inconsistent flight.

I struggled with this (and still do when I get lazy or drunk :() until I went to the range last Monday where it clicked that my inconsistent path and face angle at impact was related to a break between my right elbow and hip on the downswing. Over that hour practice session, I would consciously position my right elbow tight on the right side of my body, which created better tempo when firing my hips->shoulders->wrists->club and a more consistent hand path. This all lead to a better strike from the center of the face and a more repeatable straight ball flight.

I’ve since searched the internet and found this useful video on Golf.com from noted golf pro (and professional body builder judging by the size of her arms), Krista Dunton, who explains much more concisely what I just rambled on about above. Let me know if this helps! – WH


7 thoughts on “Developing A More Consistent Downswing Swing

  1. terrible feeling. you want to do the exact opposite of what she is saying. look at any good player they have space between right elbow and the body coming into impact and then post impact

  2. Totally opposite of everything I’ve been reading lately. Everyone else says “right elbow in front of right hip”. I have a feeling it’s another one of those “feel vs real” things.

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