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Magic Masking Tape

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been working on maintaining my spine angle and keeping my hips back on my downswing. This small little change has given me better spacing between my hands and body to push through the ball with more power on contact. However, with my hips / butt back more, my hands, out of habit, tend to travel on a more inside path, which causes me to frequently toe the ball.

A small trick while at the range to help you see if you’re making consistent contact with the ball in the right place is to stick a piece of masking tape to the face of your club. When you hit, a distinct ballmark will appear on the tape letting you know what you need to adjust. This is a much cheaper alternative to what the expensive golf stores sell. Below is a sample from my last outting at the range:

56 degree pitching wedge. I normally have pretty consistent contact with this club.


7 Iron: Thinned the first shot because I stood up on my way through. Ok contact on second one, though still a bit on the toe.


Third shot starting to move more towards the center…


Last shot a tad thin but dead center 🙂


This is a good little trick that provides me with instant feedback on my ever changing swing. Give it a try and let me know if it helps. -WH

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