Adams 2013 CB3 Irons, Idea Tech V4 & Speedline Tech


AOriginal Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood

Adams Golf recently introduced its three new lines: Idea Tech, CB3 Irons & Speedline woods.

Founded in 1987, Adams Golf, Inc. designs, assembles, markets and distributes premium quality, technologically innovative golf clubs. Adams became one of the most popular brands in the industry in the 1990s when it developed a low profile, low center of gravity and upside-down head design club known as the Tight Lies Fairway Wood.

Today, Adams Golf leads the industry in hybrid and hybrid iron set technology. The Idea Hybrid Iron Sets, with the Idea hybrids taking over the leadership position on the PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tours these past few years – which includes claiming the #1 hybrid played at all four major championships in 2008.

Idea Tech V4 is a high-performance, easy-to-hit set of hybrids and irons perfect for amateurs and better players Idea_Tech_V4_Hybrid_4 Rendering Solealike. Newest line feature latest refinement in Velocity Slot Technology, a revolutionary Cut-Thru design (similar to TaylorMade’s new speed pocket though I think Adams introduced it first) that produces the same CT levels to that of a driver, delivering a higher launch angle and higher ball speeds. With the use of Thru Slots in the new Idea Tech V4 hybrids, engineers have achieved an increase in CT of 67% to levels only seen before in today’s titanium drivers, but done in a stainless steel hybrid. In addition to the hotness of the face, the Idea Tech V4 uses a multi-material construction featuring tungsten heel/toe perimeter weighting in the long irons provides optimal CG location for increased forgiveness & higher launch.

The Idea Tech V4 is offered in two distinct sets (specs) featuring a premium PVD finish for non-glare and sleek look that cover scratch players to golfers who need a little extra help with launch and distance:

  • High-Performance Stainless Steel Forged Iron Set (3H, 4H, 5H and 6-PW Irons)

Idea_Tech_V4_Iron 6 top Idea_Tech_V4_Iron 6 bIdea_Tech_V4_Iron 6 face

  • All-Hybrid (4H – Gap Wedge)

Idea_Tech_V4_Hybrid 3 crownIdea_Tech_V4_Hybrid 3 bIdea_Tech_V4_Hybrid 3 face

Idea Black CB3 game improvement Irons are forged from 8620 steel and designed to add forgiveness from the 4 iron through Gap Wedge. These beautifully crafted irons use a triple milled construction technique to enhance perimeter weighting and create an extremely thin face with precision grooves that deliver a high level of feel, performance and consistency.  The Idea Black CB3 Irons also feature a new multi-material badge in the back cavity which greatly improves vibration and sound.


Idea_Black_Irons_CB3 set

The Idea Black CB3 Irons are highly customizable allowing Adams Golf fitters the ability to change lie angle, length, shaft flex and shaft type to fine tune the irons for each golfer’s specific game.  This set will also be integrated into Adams Golf’s HITfit application for optimal performance.

Speedline Fast Driver – Adams’ newest Speedline Fast 12 driver is the fastest, longest and most forgiving Speedline driver ever developed.  The Fast 12 incorporates the new Airfoil Design to produce a 460cc driver with 14% less drag for an increase of up to 3 mph in club head speed and, at the same time, a nearly 10% increase in forgiveness. The Airfoil Design of the Fast 12 driver incorporates crown elements along with new design elements on the sole and skirt of the club that provide maximum aerodynamic benefits throughout the entire swing path.

SpeedlineF12_Dvr 105 eSpeedlineF12_Dvr face 2

Speedline Fast FW – Speedline Fast 12 fairway wood featuring the second generation of Velocity Slot Technology (VST) which includes a slot within a slot on both the crown and sole of the club for even more ball speed, unparalleled forgiveness and better launch conditions. Kenny Perry, PGA Tour professional, became a believer in VST when during his initial test his carry distance increased from 254 yards using his previous 3-wood to 289 yards. This is because the new slot design in the Fast 12 fairway wood allows the clubface to compress more thus delivering higher ball speed + higher launch angle for dramatically longer carry distance and total distance. Speedline Fast 12 FW wood is available in 3, 5 and 7 in normal or draw versions.

SpeedlineF12_Draw_FW 3 bSpeedlineF12_Draw_FW faceSpeedlineF12_Draw_FW crown

Speedline Tech Driver – Adams newest Speedline Tech driver including improved aerodynamic shaping, easy-to-use FASTfit adjustability and 3DS Face Technology. The Speedline Tech takes club shaping to the sixth generation featuring improved slopes, curves and size to help the club cut through the air faster for even more clubhead speed and distance. FASTfit Adjustability is Adams’ answer for quick and easy club customization. The Speedline Tech driver can quickly be tuned by unscrewing the hosel and rotating the head to fit the golfer’s swing type and preferred ball flight.  FASTfit allows the club to be set open or closed by up to 1 degree, and thereby adjusting the loft +/- 1 degree as well. The clubhead can also be adjusted 2 degrees upright.


The revolutionary 3DS Face Technology is a change in the traditional bulge and roll of driver faces. 3DS Face Technology provides optimal spin and launch in all three hitting zones of the clubface producing up to 54% more accurate and longer drives. Using lightweight and multi-material construction, the Speedline Tech driver is the best performing, easiest-to-swing driver in the game.

Speedline_Tech_Dvr 105 iSpeedline_Tech_Dvr 105 b

Adams Golf equipment and accessories is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Pacsports. Additional information including store locations can be found on its website: Product demo / review to follow… – WH

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