Adams and Bridgestone Golf Clubs Demo (Review)

Last Friday, Vince called me up out of the blue and asked if I wanted to join him at Villamore where Pacsports was launching the latest Adams Speedline and Bridgestone Drivers. Vince is mad famous and therefore always gets these invites… I’m low on the totem-pole and therefore never get invited to this stuff so I decided to play hooky from my “real” work as a publicist to have some fun as a “media guy” on my first coverage. haha

2013-03-01 17.11.41

2013-03-01 16.53.53

Upon arriving, had the pleasure of meeting Randy Rana, Brand Manager of Adams and Bridgestone, who immediately greeted Vince and I with a cold San Mig Light… very choice and perfect way to start the weekend! Vince was up first, started with the Adams Speedline Tech and literally began crushing the ball.


2013-03-01 17.39.19


What made this demo fun (aside from the beer) is that Pacsports recently bought a Flightscope so we were able to see our flight path, clubhead speed, attack angle, and distance. Vince’s data from the Speedline Tech: 9.5 clubhead speed, 263 carry via a slight draw with range balls… what a beast!


Tried my luck next with the same driver but didn’t have much luck. Was averaging around 220 carry only but blame it on my sockless rubber Natives with no grip (or maybe my swing is normally this ugly???). Following Vince, who I think was trying to drive his ball to Alabang, also made me want to swing out of my shoes (literally), which is always a disaster.

2013-03-01 17.46.34

The Adams Speedline (460cc) is actually a really nice club but I like a small head on my driver (currently still using an old school 400cc TM R580), which is why I gravitated to the Bridgestone J40 (445cc) instead.


Shout out to the ball boy… only in the Philippines is it cheaper to have someone sit there teeing up your ball than it is to buy a machine:


Data from my Bridgestone test: 102.3 clubhead speed, 250 total. Was actually quite straight though the wind was moving L-R. And I swear all (well most) of those other shots were from the hitters infront of me:


Was also able to demo the new Idea Tech V4 hybrids. I was suppose to demo these back in states last year but was told they’re really hard to hit so I only tried the new TM RBz and Ping G25. These are clubs are so hot! Don’t think I’d personally buy these for two reasons: 1. graphite shafts 2. The entire set is basically a hybrid morph with super thick soles so the ball flight is way too high for my liking. They’re so easy to hit though and the ball literally rockets off the face of the club so I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs extra loft and distance… sad I didn’t try this club on Flightscope.


Demoed the CB3 Irons also and I really really liked these. Not sure why I also had a negative impression of Adams but these forged irons are so soft. They feel so much nicer than my current TaylorMade Burner 2.0’s. Flightscope results from below using a 7 Iron. 154 straight shot with a range ball. I normally average 150 with Callaway balls so this is a huge increase.


Vince finally found his favorite; the new Adams Speedline 9088 UL Driver. Once he got use to it, he was destroying the ball (100.7 speed, 282 total).



Vince was the longest driver of the day until this guy showed up who crunched the ball 292 yards! Badass!!!

2013-03-01 19.11.33

Coming into this, I wasn’t a big fan of Adams and Bridgestone just cause I’m a sucker for marketing and all the other golf brands kill them in that department. But what really got me was when the dude above (really wish I wasn’t so bad at remember people’s names) pulled out his own Titleist D910 as a comparison and was only averaging around around 275 total distance in comparison to 283-287 with the Speedline UL. Vince has played in a few tournaments with him and says that he wins a lot. His swing (path and face control) is very consistent as well so must be the clubs right?

I just picked up new clubs over Christmas so won’t be switching anytime soon (unless PS wants to hook me up with some :)) but would recommend that everyone go to Pacsports to demo both of these brands if you plan to buy a new set in the near future. Additional information for the new lines can be found in my previous posts:

Special to Randy Rana of Pacsports for the invite and some new balls, which I can use on the course tomorrow!

2013-03-01 16.54.06

Do any of you guys use Adams or Bridgestone? Let me know what you think about their new clubs. Happy weekend! -WH

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