WGC – 2013 Cadillac Championship – Best Dressed Players

Fashion has always been a big part of golf though it seems players these days are probably spending more time with their stylists than they are at the range. With the help of our own celebrity stylist, Charmaine Palermo of Monsters Centaur Production Inc., we highlight the best dressed players at this past weekends, WGC – Cadillac Championship.

Always put together nicely (though USD59.4 Million per year can buy you a decent wardrobe and stylist), Tigers’ four round getup matched his dominance on the course. Round 1, grey stripes on black:

Round 1.1     Round 1

Round 2, orange and white stripes paired with khaki bottoms and white shoes:

Round 2

Round 3, letting his game speak for itself by not being showy with a white shirt and grey slacks:

Round 3

Round 4, finishing off a dominant performance in his traditional red:


Round 4

Would suggest that Tiger get his pants trimmed a bit more fitted but he may enjoy a looser fit to accommodate all the hookers hands that he pays to play with the “golfballs” in his pocket. Other notables include…

Sergio Garcia who’s always well put together mixing yellow with grey for his first round look:

Good - colors

though his final round shirt / outfit is a bit too “matchy match” for Palermo:


Steve Stricker’s playful stripes pairs well with his awesome putting stroke:

Stricker - playful stripes

Keegan Bradley, who is probably always that guy at the Olympics that starts the “U.S.A.” chants, is well matched in a perfectly fitted shirt. Digging the red pants as well:

Keegan Bradley

Nice color shirt on Luke Donald though I would have chosen a lighter pair of pants:

Luke+Donald+World+Golf+Championships+Cadillac round2+o0W67DkvqtZl

Dustin Johnson’s outfit is classic but looks slick given the nice fit:

dj - ok. good color combination.

Bubba’s an exception. If you just won the Masters and can pull off a pink driver, you can wear whatever you want:


Rory could’ve done without the vest though being paid USD20 Million a year, I’m he was told to show off Nike’s latest swag. All that’s left is for him to start winning again:


Some that could use some improvement include, golf’s resident hipster, Rickie Fowler, who’s wearing essentially the same colors as Sergio above but just looks a whole lot douchier. Palermo blames it on the white pants:

too much - light grey pants

If Phil wants to hold onto that smokin’ hot wife of his, he’s gotta avoid outfits like this that make it seem like he’s playing on the Senior Tour. Khaki on beige is a bit square. According to Palermo, “Bitch Tits” as my sister and brother-in-law like to call him, should’ve changed his shirt to mint green and his belt with either a dark brown or a pastel yellow one if he was feeling extra adventurous!

too plain. khaki on beige and boring. mint green patterned shirt recommended with dark brown belt or a pastel yellow belt

Closing out the “could’ve done better” is course owner, Mr. Comb-Over himself, D.T. Comm’on Trump, you’re worth a billion dollars! I understand you’re hair is part of your personality but least you can do is get a friggin’ smaller jacket that doesn’t make you look as smushed as Danny Devito.

World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

Thanks to Charmaine Palermo. Who’s outfits do you like and don’t like? Let me know. Till the next event! -WH

pictures gathered from various sites include: and

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