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Happiness on the Fairway

They say a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. Well, I’m callin’ it if no one has said it yet.

We have an uncle who lived to almost a hundred years and one of the things he’s always done is play golf.

Well if you do sports or any body movement you are releasing endorphins which make you happy. Endorphins also block pain. So even if you keep hitting them bunkers, being on the course has you loaded on enough happy hormones to overcome golf related stress.

Even if you get stressed out with your swing or bust your head about missing a 2-foot putt, it’s still better than a pile of paperwork. Amen?

So play golf. Stay happy. Live long.

I leave you with this…

What is Happiness?
“Golf is happiness for
Happiness is achievement.
The father of achievement is motivation
The mother is encouragement.
The fine golf swing is truly achievement
Man may lie, cheat, and steal for gain.
But, these will never gain the golf swing
To gain the golf swing man must work.
Yet it is work without toil
It is exercise without the boredom.
It is intoxication without the hangover
It is stimulation without the pills.
It is failure yet its successes shine even more brightly
It is frustration yet it nourishes patience.
It irritates yet its soothing is far greater
It is futility yet it nurtures hope.
It is defeating yet it generates courage
It is humbling yet it ennobles the human spirit.
It is dignity yet it rejects arrogance
Its price is high yet its rewards are richer
Some say it’s a boy’s pastime yet it builds men
It is a buffer for the stresses of today’s living.
It cleanses the mind and rejuvenates the body
It is these things and many more.
For those of us who know it and love it
Golf is truly happiness.”
— Paul Bertholy
(Father of the Bertholy Method)


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