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Tigers’ Private Wood Party

Tiger Woods’ weekend was way better than mine… After winning the WGC-Cadillac Championship with a -1 final round (I shot a less impressive 20 over at South Forbes ūüė¶ ), the Daily Mail¬†reported that¬†he retreated to his private yacht (I had to take a jeepney home) aptly name “Privacy,” where his own olympic snow-bunny was undoubtedly waiting; most likely wearing nothing more than a ski hat and goggles. It’s hot in Miami, ok!?…use your imagination what the goggles are for…


article-2291841-18926F10000005DC-261_306x312 article-2291841-18926C65000005DC-664_306x312

According to¬†Star¬†magazine, a source close to the sportsman revealed:¬†‘He wants to marry again and thinks Lindsey could be the woman.’

Maybe he’s tired of banging strippers. Or maybe he just wants another blonde wife (downgrade from Elin btw) and still bang strippers in Privacy.

Elin_Nordegren_112010124710PM651_display_image  Elin vs. Lindsey  article-2291841-1892A7B0000005DC-895_634x886

Whatever it is, he’s winning again so “All Hail the Tiger” until his next huge f’up. -WH

Photos taken from daily mail.

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