Pros Can Also Have Sh*tty Days

“Long John” Daly, one of, if not the most amusing character on tour, had a rough day yesterday. Golf’s real life Happy Gilmore, who’s better know for his long drives and various antics (see his infamous tee shot off beer can below), carded an appalling sextuple-bogey on the third hole at Innisbrook yesterday. A 455 yard, par-4, John’s respectable 10 (I always just cap it at double-par to avoid further embarassment) showed that pros sometimes f*ck up also. According to

After hooking his drive left toward the cart path (1), Daly couldn’t advance the ball back towards the fairway (2), took an unplayable (3), couldn’t advance it once again (4), took another unplayable (5), hit the ball one yard (6), finally advanced the ball 30 yards but still in the rough (7), hit his approach 29 yards short of the green (8), where he pitched onto the green (9), and tapped in (10) for his sextuple bogey.

A pretty solid first round, golf is just one of those games where you have to play perfect all four days if you want to win.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 8.10.05 PM

However, won’t feel too bad for Daly as I’m sure he’ll still get paid a couple hundred thousand for finishing and blow it all on booze and strippers after.

LEGEND-wait for it-DARY!

LEGEND-wait for it-DARY!

Wish I were a pro golfer… -WH

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