Baller gone Kadoinker

I used to play professional hoops. Eleven years of running around the hardcourt here in the Philippines IMG_0402and even in the U.S. was an honor and lots of fun.  I was know for 3’s and drives…  I’ve literally been around the world because of the sport. Was even the very first Filipino to play professionally in the U.S. when I suited up for the Pennsylvania ValleyDawgs of the USBL. Our very colorful coach was none other than Darryl ‘Chocolate Thunder’ Dawkins.  Great times indeed!

About 5 years ago, I started playing golf with an uncle who was here for a vacation.  I thought that golf would be a fun change since it was outdoor and I’ve been couped up in a gym pretty much my entire life since high school. So green grass, trees, and chirping birds would be a nice change of scenery.

Then I hit that first shot (after many attempts) that actually was solid and flew nicely at the tough Langer Course of Riviera Golf Course in Silang, Cavite.  The sound of that ball coming off crisply was something I won’t even ever forget. I soon joined the famous (or infamous) 7:30 group of Riviera. Great group of guys.

I was hooked!  Part of this mulligang.com site will show how I’ve changed because of this sport. It’s really taught me a lot of things.. The most important lesson is having fun first… but there’s a million more! Stay tuned!

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