WANTED: Player Desperately Seeking Short Game

Sunday’s at Sun Valley Golf Course are always my favorite day of the week. It’s been over three months since I’ve played there because of the influx of Koreans and Japanese (winter where they’re at so they come to the Philippines to play).


Vince squatting with the short dudes

With Spring upon us, local courses have lightened so we were able to hit up our favorite home course again. Threesome today consisted of myself, Donnie and Vince. Pat wasn’t able to join. Trying to parlay my moderate success last weekend at South Forbes, I decided that I’d forgo drinking so that  I could try to whoop Vince’s ass.


Why do they always get my name wrong???

My round was pretty consistent from beginning to end and by consistent I mean, driving the ball exceptionally well, better than I’ve ever hit the ball off the tee, followed by really shitty approach shot(s) and/or dreaded three putts. This went on for 18 holes… 18 holes where I was often out driving Vince but then f*ck up later down the line to card a bogey, double or even twice, a triple bogey! 😦

As rewarding as it was that I was hitting further, a terrible score at the end of my round only reminded me that golf is a far more three dimensional game than just the long ball. Outdriving Vince really doesn’t mean sh*t when he ends up beating you by 7 strokes. At least he’s a nice guy and didn’t rub it in…

One shining moment was when I sank a killer bunker shot from 15ft out for birdie… this was my prize:


The day was fun nevertheless and has given me renewed passion to round out the rest of my game. Hope everyone else play this weekend! -WH

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