How To Deal With The Firm and Fast

Summer is officially upon us in the Philippines (for those who live elsewhere, summer is from March – May in this country… weird right?) It’s friggin’ hot… really really hot out! So hot that every other twitter post I read is someone complaining about how hot it is out…

Change in weather means the humid, wet, muddy courses we all endured over the rainy season are still humid but now extremely dry. Tee shots roll further, which is a plus, but the firm conditions make it harder to check your approach shots and judge faster than normal putts.

Kevin Streelman, who just won the Tampa Bay Championship this past Sunday, provides a few adjustments you can make to your game to combat the change in weather:


• Short game tends to be affected the most when conditions are firm and fast. If you find yourself in these conditions often, make sure the degrees of bounce on your wedges aren’t too high. The lower bounce will get the leading edge of your wedge closer to the ground, helping you make solid contact with the ball and turf.

• Incorporate the “bump and run” around the greens. When the ground is firm, the ball will roll more no matter what you do. When choosing your target, consider the condition of your landing spot (slope, firmness, condition of the turf, etc.). Trying to predict the first bounce the ball will take on a bump-and-run shot is the key to executing that shot successfully.

• Stay below the hole whenever possible. This is a good rule of thumb all the time, but especially when conditions are firm and fast. Your course management will be crucial to make sure you choose clubs that will keep you below the hole. For example, if you can’t decide between a 9-iron and a pitching wedge, choose the pitching wedge. In most cases, if you hit it past the hole, you’ll be faced with a fast downhill shot next.

Full article can be found at: www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-instruction/how-to-deal-with-firm-and-fast-golf-course-conditions

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