2016 Rio Olympic Golf Course Breaks Ground



According to GolfWeek, Rio 2016 organizers confirmed that work on the olympic golf course has officially begun.

With environmental permissions in hand to start the golf course for the 2016 Olympic Games, designer Gil Hanse and a crew of six workers are onsite clearing non-native vegetation by hand. With good weather, a disciplined work crew and no more delays from local officials, the course could be ready within 18 months. The first step is to remove exotic vegetation, then clear center lines for the routing and from there, move on to additional clearing to allow for dirt moving, shaping, grassing, irrigation and subsequent grow-in. The plan is to have the course ready for a professional tournament in August 2015 as a trial run before the men’s and women’s Olympic competitions.

The 2016 Rio games will be golf’s first Olympiad in more than 100 years! Paulo Goulart, executive director of Tanedo S.A., the Brazilian land-development company that owns the site and is paying for course construction, has supposedly budgeted USD30 Million for the entire project, with USD12.5 Million of that going straight to the golf course. Ballin’!

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