Could A Rounded Putter Really Work?

I came across the Radi-Eye putter last December when it was featured on ESPN by Michael Collin. The science behind the putter states that pulled and pushed putts will still produce a straight line due to the rounded face (see below):



The theory behind the putter and supporting video seems sound though it doesn’t take into account both swing factors: club face and path and their relationship to one another.

Similar to a full swing, even if the face of your putter is open, it’s still possible to hit a straight shot if your path changes (more outside to in) and vice versa. Models above show various club face angles (open, closed, straight) but all in relation to one consistent path. With a rounded putter, what do you think would happen if your face is open but your path goes outside to in? Chances are, you’d heel it and the ball would end up going even further to the left than just a typical mishit.

To me, this seems like just another gimmick. People think that they can lower their scores through the equipment they buy instead of fixing key swing faults. I’ve seen tons of players who have their adjustable drivers set on draw but they still fade or slice the ball because their swings suck.

I’ve never tried the Radi-Eye so I’m only commenting on what I’ve read from the website. I’m sure that it is a game improving putter but that’s only IF you have a proper understanding of your swing mechanics (face and path again).

Would love to get my hands on this to try it out though. Has anyone tried this putter or know if it’s out yet? Website says “arriving in 2013.”

Guess the real debates will start if the Radi-Eye ever hits the tour(s)…

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