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Hot Wives & Girlfriends Club!

In celebration of Tiger Wood’s new relationship with another blonde, we have compiled a list of the hottest golf players’ wives & girlfriends. Photos ripped from various sites online. Enjoy!

Dustin Johnson & Paulina Gretzsky
Model, Pop Singer, and Daughter of NHL Hockey great, Wayne
paulina-gretzky-dustin-johnson-1paulina-gretzky-twitpics-37-431x624 paulina_gretzky_3

Paulina-Gretzky-1 paulinagretztat

Adam Scott and Ana Ivanovic
Former #1 Serbian Tennis Player
769253-adam-scott-and-ana-ivanovicAna Ivanovic Sports Illustrated magazine pic Ana-Ivanovic-Sports-Illustrated-4 ana-ivanovic-9 RackMultipart.23013.0_display_image
Though word is that they split and Adam Scott is messing around with Kate Hudson (though maybe not anymore either… dude’s got game either way!)
kate_hudson_and_adam_scott-31 kate-hudson-adam-scott-hawaii-07

Will and Alli Spencer Mckenzie
Her twitter page says she’s a model though if we went by that, over 50% of those on twitter would be “models”


alli-spencer-pics alli-spencer-picture

Webb and Dowd Simpson
VP of Membership for the PGA Tour Wives Association and all around classy lady who kind of looks like January Jones

Simpson, Dowd webb-and-dowd-simpson-e1338925687242

David and Sonya Toms
Manages her husband’s charity and shows off her body in SI:

Luke and Diane Donald
Superfan of now world number 3

 Diane+Donald+qPygZvAfe7Hm diane-3_original

Phil and Amy Mickelson

phil-mickelsons-wife-amy-01_original phil-mickelsons-wife-amy-02

Nick and Amber Watney
(uncofirmed if the last photo is her but whatever…)
Amber+Watney+Barclays+Final+Round+vEEHB4aE3NFl 5715129730_57d8b25134_z Amber Watney

Trevor and Carmenita Immelman
carminita-immelman carmenita-immelman-400

John Daly and Anna Cladaski
I think she graduated from being a Hooters girl to Hooters front office girl. Well done, Long John (That’s what she said)!
open42_MP_web__t607 Anna+Cladakis+2009+Australian+Open+Day+1+oZND6QH1k6Al

Gonzalo Fernandez and Alicia Castano
Checkout those biceps!

Matt and Sybi Kuchar

Keegan Bradley and Jillian Stacey
Not sure if all these photos are of her but close enough. Quick google search reveals she’s quite the party girl

358379_1353278982_110433 keegan-bradley-girlfriend-jillian-stacey bradleyswag_600

Justin and Kate Rose
Former Nationally Ranked Gymnast

Greg and Kristen Norman

Graeme McDowell and fiance Kristin Stape

Jason and Amanda Dufner

Amanda+Dufner+Perth+International+Day+1+xZ5-l0JNuO3l mrsdufner2_600

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki

caroline-wozniacki-1 6a0120a7aa94e7970b01310fddf361970c-800wi

And with the API doing down this week, gotta show some love to Arnold and Winnie Palmer!

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