Arnie and Katie Sitting In A Tree

Arnold Palmer became the envy of all men around the world when he had dinner on Thursday with actress, model and Sports Illustrated cover model, Kate Upton:


According to the meeting came about through Upton’s Manager:

Upton’s manger is Lisa Benson, whose father is from Punxsutawney, Pa., and used to play golf with Palmer at Latrobe Country Club. She was looking for a job at IMG, which, in addition to managing sports and entertainment, also represents top models. Her father talked to Palmer, who talked to IMG to arrange an interview. She got the job and years later connected with Upton.

Upton grew up in Melbourne, Fla., not far from Orlando, and her parents were huge Arnie fans. Upton thought it would be a great idea to come to Bay Hill, meet Palmer and see the work he’s doing with the two children’s hospitals that bear his name.

The King is doing his Thang! Wonder if he’s seen this video of her murdering the dougie… can’t decide if I meant that in a good or bad way. You decide:

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