Titleist 913 Demo (Review)

Hizon hit me up again last Friday morning to tell me about the Dynamic Sports (DS) Titleist Pro V1 launch going down at Army Golf Course that day. Besides the horrendous traffic, I quite like it when brands schedule their events on a Friday. It gives me a good excuse to leave work early. I’m seriously thinking about scheduling all of our future PR events on Fridays… key I found out is to make sure you load the event with booze, which Dynamic Sports was nice enough to supply us with!

We arrived around 5:30PM when the group was still setting up. That allowed us to checkout the new Titleist balls (click here to read more) and DS’s other brand, FootJoy. I wasn’t able to get a photo of the display but the new FJ shoes are wicked. I always associate FJ’s with old grandpa shoes but the new sport collection is really nice and stylish without offending the traditionalist.

Vince liked the Titleist golf bags, though he likes anything that’s orange in color. In fairness, new line of bags are dope:


Being the first one’s there, we were able to tryout Titleist’s new clubs on the launch monitor before the rush of people arrived. Vince and I first tested the latest line of Vokey wedges.

I bought my new sand and approach wedges last year in the states and had a hard time choosing between Vokey, Cleveland, and Cobra Trusty Rusty. I’ve been a long time Cleveland user though so decided to go with the CG15’s. Wish I demoed the Vokey line before buying. They’re a bit heavier than I’m use to but super soft and really really forgiving. Prices are comparable as well. Vince demoing a 48 degree Vokey SM4 (props again to the ball guys and girls) below. I’m still looking for a new 60 degree lob wedge so might pull the trigger on this club 🙂


The overall event was fun and well put together. Guests were given stubs to three competitions. First was the longest drive competition with the new 913 D3 and D2 drivers. I went with the D2 because of the smaller head size and a lighter shaft and absolutely smashed the ball… well at least according to the launch monitor (think there was a glitch. haha) I carried 283.5 with a total distance of 301.23, which is beastly and not like me so probably an error…



Will Hsu in the lead, Mo’Fos (who the heck is roy and did he really blast it 609???)

Well I was in the lead until some dude stepped up an hour later and drilled it 304 yards straight down the pipe so I didn’t win the prize 😦 Had the opportunity to chat with Tom Hutton, Golf Ball Product Manager of South East Asia, who was over from Singapore just for the event, and he told Vince and I that if that guy was using the new Pro V1x, he would’ve hit it at least an extra 20 yards further!

Really loving the new Drivers and Woods. Best part about the D2 & D3 as well as the 913F and 913H is the patented SureFit technology that allows you to change the loft and lie of the club independently from one another. Titleist was the first company to do this and it’s genius.

Vince, who’s normally a straight hitter, was actually drawing and cutting the ball with the various settings.


Video of me hitting a 24 degree 913 Hybrid:

There was also a putting station with the new line of Scotty Cameron Black Mist Select Putters. Though a bit pricy, know in your mind that you get what you pay for. Scotty’s are perfectly balanced and the cream of the crop when it comes to putters. Hizon and I both just missed our shots so we didn’t win anything at this station either 😦 Gonna start saving up my money for one of these putter…

i-newport IMG_3397

Last station was a closest to the pin competition from a small bunker with the Vokey. Hizon and I both wailed our shots past the pin so we essentially left the event as two big losers. hahaha (not a reflection of the equipment… just our poor play in the scorching heat)

IMG_3399IMG_3401 IMG_3405

Titleist’s new line of products are badass and exactly what one would expect from a brand known for its precision and craftsmanship. Hope to test Titleist’s new products (available at Empire Sports Shops) out on the course soon. Would recommend demoing the new line including the the AP2 Irons if you have time.

Thank you to Chris Tang and the rest of the Dynamic Sports team for having Vince and I. Congrats on a successful launch!

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