How To Hit Tiger’s Go To Cut Shot

inar01_tigerTiger Woods is back to his winning ways though he’s not quite the Tiger of old. The Tiger who once held all four Majors at the same time utilized a plethora of different swings and shots to win his grand slam. The Tiger of today relies predominantly on a stinging fade or cut shot, which he believes he has better control over.

In an interview with the Golf Digest, Tiger explained how he plays this shot:

“To play the driver cut shot, I grip down half an inch to an inch, depending on how far I want to carry the ball. I picture the fairway as a four-lane highway: I aim for the far-left lane and try to fade it to the next lane over. Everything else in my setup and execution is like any other fade. I play the ball just off my left instep in a slightly open stance, then swing along my stance line and hold off the release for a fraction of a second to produce about a five-yard fade.”

Have included a video below of Mark Crossfield explaining how to hit a fade shot. Key is to hold off the release and make sure your club head doesn’t pass ahead of your hands on the follow through. This is why you often see Tiger finishing with his club on the left side of his body instead of over his shoulder. Good luck working this into your arsenal!

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