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Holly Sonders Graces The Cover Of Golf Digest

Since launching Mulligang, many of my friends have reached out to me to suggest golf related topics I may be interested in posting about. Recommendations tend to be related to the personalty type of the friend. For instance, my buddy Jet recommended the Robin Williams video because he’s a jokester and really friggin’ funny.

Enter my buddy, Will Yeh… family man and father of two, who recommended that I checkout these newly published photos of The Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders because well… probably he likes to browse pics of hot, half naked women while at work. hahaha (sorry dude, had to put you on blast).

Above statement is probably not true or at least not confirmed yet. In his defense, I saw these photos prior to his email to me and must admit that Holly is worth the google. There’s nothing hotter than a beautiful woman who can swing the long stick with precision.

Sonders shows off her abnormally ripped, very intimidating body on the cover of the May 2013 “Get Fit” issue of Golf Digest. These photos and full interview are available for download on April 2nd.

Photos below are ripped from the Golf Digest.


maar01-holly-sonders maar09-holly-sonders maar04-holly-sonders maar08-holly-sonders maar02-holly-sonders maar06-holly-sonders maar03-holly-sonders maar10-holly-sonders maar07-holly-sonders maar05-holly-sonders

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