Tiger, Rory, Sergio and Rickie 2013 Masters’ Outfits

I posted an article a few weeks back detailing Bubba Watson’s 2013 Masters getup. Checkout below what some of your other favorite-(dressed) golfers will be wearing at Augusta.

All eyes will be on Tiger Woods who will make sure he’s looking his best this week if / when he wins his 15th Major. Sunday red polo is expected… rest of the outfits are rather generic though are said to provide better mobility and breathability:




Nike’s newest and most controversial golfer and now world number 2, Rory McIlroy, will at least look good if he underperforms… again. For golf’s sake, I hope he breaks the top-10. His Saturday plaid pants are wicked!



Rickie Fowler will always be that young, wannabe hipster on the tour who dresses too cool for school and borderline douchebagish. I still like the kid and what he’s doing for the game of golf to attract a younger market. Fowler sure does like Orange… he and Hizon are like long lost brothers!

050412-players {33423F33-8920-4A64-B8BA-9410F7F7BD0A}fowler_masters13_scripting_610


Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Martin Kaymer and the rest of the Adidas Golf sponsored players in true team fashion, will all be rocking the same “green” outfits at Augusta.



Adidas sibling brand, Ashworth, will be dressing all of its players (Justin Rose, Sean O’Hair, Justin Leonard, etc.) in the same outfits as well.


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