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Slow Down, Stupid!

ben-hogan-golf-swing-timingPeople always tell me that I swing too fast and they’re don’t say it as a compliment. I actually know that I do but it’s always so tempting to slam the ball as hard as possible!

Golf is such a counterintuitive game. I read somewhere that you only need an 85 – 88mph swing speed to drive the ball 250 yards as long as your hitting it out from the center and at the proper angle. That’s only 25 yards less than than what PGA Pro, Francesco Moliari averages.

Came across this article today by Brad Brewer, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher who references a theory in Daniel Coyle’s book, The Talent Code, that the common denominators found in every training hotbed is slow-motion practice.

Brewer recommends watching the below YouTube clip of legend, Ben Hogan who use to practice in super-slow-motion. This video is unbelievable and it actually looks like the film itself was sped down.

What’s incredible about Hogan is that he implemented the slow-motion movement not just in his swing but to his entire warm-up routine. So bizarre watching him walk up to ball, waddle his club, and look off into the distance in half-speed.

Programming your mind and body to move and fire in the precise way every time is the key to a great swing. Or in layman’s terms, consistency. Isolating your body to determine exactly where your hips, hands and shoulders should be at each part of the swing will not only help you to hit cleaner, more balanced shots but more importantly, it will help you to determine why you hit a bad shot. To quote Arnold Palmer, “Perfect your swing slow and short before attempting to go fast and long.”

Below is a video of one of Brewer’s students, 9-year-old Ko Xin (wonder if she’s Asian?) demonstrating her six-position slow-motion practice swing. According to Brewer, Xin will do this drill 10 times before she ever hits the ball. She would then do a follow-up drill where she would swing super slow without stopping 10 more times, making sure she strikes the ball solidly before turning up the speed.

Give this a shot later. You don’t need any balls and can practice this in your living room. I tried this last night while watching TV and it was more physically and mentally exhausting than hitting balls at the range for two hours. I had to use all of my muscles in my arms, back and abs just to stabilize my swing.

This is a great training drill, which I intend to practice for 15 minutes each night now. Try it out and let me know if it helps!

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