Tiger Woods Eyeing 20 Career Majors

{A7D63BEB-D08B-417A-AE36-38F43168D63D}woods_api13_d2_cu_iron_610Is Tiger Woods counting his chickens before they hatch? A week prior to the Master, the first Major tournament of 2013, reports have surfaced claiming that Woods doesn’t intend on just tying Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 career Majors, but beating him by 2 more trophies!

According to The Golf Channel, Wood’s longtime friend and Stanford teammate, Notay Begay III, in an interview with Sports Illustrated said:

He is focused on 20. That may be a little hard to believe, considering what’s transpired in the last three years, but that’s where his focus is…He thinks he is capable of winning 20 majors.

Three wins this year may have given Tiger a big head. A statement like this from himself or those close to him would have been better left till after the Masters. However, I haven’t seen confidence like this from Tiger since pre-meltdown so who knows… maybe this is his grand slam season!

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