Asics Transitions Into Golf

Asics-640Asics were my go to shoes back in High School when I ran cross country. Came across an article today on where I learned that the brand has recently ventured into golf shoes. Upon further reading, I learned that Asics has been making golf shoes for the past three years!

According to a company press release about the Gel-Ace Pro Model published by

…an extended trusstic that contours the heel and provides a solid base of support under the heel and arch, leading to a reduction in fatigue while also enhancing foot stability during the golf swing.  
Additional features include waterproof inner lining that keeps the foot dry while maintaining breathability; a sockliner that is reinforced for additional arch support; hidden lacing system that allows for a snugger fit and slimmer profile, and replaceable Scorpion Stinger Spikes.  
I’m sure from a functional standpoint, Asics’ shoes are great. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a footwear manufacture known for its performance and comfort. However, it’s designs are hit or miss. The black and silver Gel-Ace Pro’s above aren’t bad though the pink and white version is god awful!
(yes… these are for men or at least it’s grouped under the men’s section on the Asics’ website).
Additional models include these butt ugly white/coffee/orange Gel-Ace Tour model:
these Gel-Linksmasters, which are whatever:
and these Matchplay Classics, which remind me of old school tennis shoes:
p237y_8605 p237y_1501
My favorite is the slick new fixed spike Matchplay 33’s! Whoever designed these shoes are definitely on the right track. A mix between a pair of golf shoes and cross trainers, the Matchplay 33’s look stylish, light and comfortable. I’d definitely buy a pair of these…
p211y_9705_d p211y_9705_o
Asics’ new line of golf shoes vary in prices though quotes are in USD, so not sure how much they’d be marked up to in Asia. Has anyone seen these in the Philippines?

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