PUMA’s New 2013 AMP CELL Fusion Shoes

The new PUMA AMP CELL Fusion golf spikes are sick! The new 2013 collection is designed well and not too over the top (unless you pair the bright orange shoes with orange pants and top and an orange hat… sorry Rickie but you look like a jerk sometimes).

The shoes are supposedly well designed as well. According the the company press release:

Developed with the professional and fashion-forward golfer in mind, the AMP CELL Fusion offers the most advanced and proprietary technology available in a golf shoe to-date. Optimized for flexibility and traction, the AMP Cell Fusion has a full-length TPU chassis plus a mix of permanent, directionally molded S²QuillTec® spikes and replaceable S²Quill® spikes (70 total in each shoe).


Then there are the flex grooves. The crazy-light yet supportive carbon fiber shank. The monsoon-ready waterproofing. The advanced cushioning in all the right places. And, in true Fowler fashion, they’re pretty darn spiffy-looking. Prepare to get noticed – and, if your game matches your fancy footwear, for an adoring public of your own to follow suit.

Similar to everything PUMA and Cobra are down now, these shoes come in like 20 different colors and combinations. Like Rickie, Vince likes the orange ones… must be a SoCal thing…


I like the white and silver ones.


Checkout the full collection at

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