3BaysGSA Golf Putting Analyzer (Review)

Ever since Vince and I went to our first Adams and Bridgestone launch a month back where we had the opportunity to mess around with Pacsports’ Flightscope, I’ve been looking for a cost effective analyzer (Flightscope and Trackman cost between USD8 – 15k!!!) to help me better decipher my swing.

I did a lot of research and found a few products but all got really bad reviews, mainly due to three reasons: 1. lack of features 2. unstable because it attaches to the shaft of the club 3. heavy and an eyesore when at approach.


My favorite online coach, Mark Crossfield, recently featured a new brand called 3BaysGSA that has not only a swing analyzer but one for putting as well. After some research, I learned that unlike the other brands, 3BaysGSA has a distributor in Manila.

I contacted Mayan from AIM Technologies who to my surprise, actually responded and has been kind enough to give me one of each on loan to test.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 2.24.14 PM

The 3BaysGSA simulator is the smallest and lightest (1/3 of an ounce) analyzer on the market.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 2.24.17 PM

The device plugs into the butt-end of your grip and uses 9-axis motion sensors and intelligent algorithms to analyze the points of your swing in a 3-dimensional space. The information is beamed to your iPhone or Android device via bluetooth providing you with instant feedback. Below is a video releases by the manufacturer:

I started first with the GSA Putt Analyzer because I really really really really suck at putting! Though I’ve only had a few days to play around with it because I’ve been so busy with work, the device is awesome!

The analyzer is really nicely packaged!


The attention to details and high quality box reminds you that you’re getting a premium product.


Accompanying it is a charger, USB adaptor to charge via computer, user manual and


this nifty little carrying case.


The device has a small USB charging port on the side.


I’m plugged in, turned on, lined up and ready to start putting!


It’s worth noting that device was extremely easy to pair with both my iPhone and iPad. Once synced, the connection is very stable until you switch it off. It also reads your stroke only when you hit a ball… probably taking into account the vibration.

Welcome page:


Basic instructions page though not necessary as the app is user-friendly:


and pairing page:


The simulator will read, amongst other things: consistency, face angle (open or closed), attack angle (hitting up or down on the ball), tempo, and swing path distance


This was my first swing…



The app was reading all my putts as outside in pulls (see above) until I realized that I didn’t have the arrow lined up properly. Not sure if it’s with all putters but I have have the arrow pointing just left of the grip. Once I had it lined up properly, I started getting more consistent results.


After just a few practice shots, I’ve determined that I still have bad habit of finishing my putts inside and closing my face slightly at impact. I’m also hitting too up on the ball (12 degrees) probably due to either raising my shoulders too fast or playing the ball too forward in my stance.

Other key features of the GSA Putting Analyzer, include:

1. allowing you to compare your swing to a list of pros from different distances:


but the developers recognize that not all swings are the same, so you can also save your best swing to the list and compare your other putts to it. Right side is the best swing benchmark, left side is the current swing:


3. There’s also a great help button at the bottom right corner, which will bring up an info screen allowing you to click on a dots that will explain what each tab or feature is for:



4. Battery life on the unit lasts a long time.
5. The app displays a virtual video playback of your putt (can’t figure out how to record this to show you all).
6. The app is so sensitive that it can read short 2ft putts all the way up to the long 20ft ones.
7. The size of each swing stored in the phone is really really small, which means it doesn’t take up considerable space on your phone.
8. Ability to screenshot your swing and export to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

Some negatives about the product:
1. As I mentioned in the beginning, it took a bit of time to figure out how to line up the device. I’m a notoriously bad putter so I wasn’t sure if my putting motion was wrong or if the device was lined up wrong because the ball was still going into the hole.
2. The device only pairs with apple products. If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you will have to buy a separate analyzer intended only for android devices. This doesn’t make a big difference to me because all of my products are Apple but might deter others.
3. There’s a separate device for the putting and swing analyzer. Once again, not a big deal as I only took them to the range but from a price perspective, would always be better if it were two simulators in one 🙂
4. I think the only real issue I have is the USB port. Aside from just charging the device, I really wish it allowed me to transfer my swing data, photos and the virtual putting videos from my phone to my computer. This is the first model though so I’m sure they’ll probably add this feature in the next version.

Overall, the 3BaysGSA Putting Analyzer is extremely impressive and useful. It’s reasonably priced and does a good job highlighting errant putting flaws. Both the Putting Analyzer and Swing Analyzer, which I’ll be posting about later this week, are set to launch in the Philippines next month.

Keep an eye out for my follow up post after I’ve had more time to practice with the analyzer and implement my new badass putting stroke on the course!

Big thank you to Mayan for allowing me to tryout the 3BayGSA Putting Analyzer. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please contact her at:

Mayan Mauricio
Office: +63.2.636.7499

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    • Of course. It’s a great product! Will be posting about the 3BaysGSA Swing later this week when I have time :). Thanks for visiting and reading!

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