A Bridgestone Ball For Everyone!

Bridgestone Golf, one of the most trusted ball manufacturers in the industry, recently launched its 2013 B330 and new e-Series balls. Utilizing Bridgestone’s Ball Selection Chart, the diverse new collection allow golfers to select the perfect ball for their game taking into account swing speed, distance, trajectory, and ball flight and path.

BALL_CHART_2013 copy

Used by 2013 PGA Tour winners Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker as well as golf legend, Freddie Couples, both the B330 and e-Series balls feature Bridgestone’s Dual Dimple Technology (330 and 326 dimple design) and Seamless Cover Technology™ to produce a more uniform surface for increased roll, greater distance and more consistency in the wind.


I’ve personally had the opportunity to use the B330-RX when I played at Manila Golf a few weeks back and the ball is awesome. I was blasting my 7-Iron close to 170, which is a good 10-12 yards more than what I average until I shanked one into the water. I’m interested in trying the e6 balls… Checkout the full collection below!


B330 (Tour Performance Series -> +105 Tour Swing Speed -> Added Distance with Precision Control)
The NEW Tour B330 features a larger core and gradational compression technology that produces faster ball speed for longer distance. The Urethane cover, now 6% softer than the previous model, also offers enhanced greenside spin control while a Dual Mantle design for reduced spin and higher launch off the driver and long irons.


B330-S (Tour Performance Series -> +105 Tour Swing Speed -> Added Spin Control & Feel)
The NEW Tour B330-S features a larger core with a Urethane cover that is 13% softer than the previous model, maximizing spin control around the green. The larger Gradational Compression Core increases ball velocity for greater distance.


B330-RX (Tour Performance Series -> -105 Amateur Swing Speed -> Added Distance & Tour Control)
The NEW Tour B330-RX offers a reformulated mantle layer that reduces spin on full shots and promotes a higher launch, resulting in greater accuracy and distance. The B330-RX continues to feature a soft core design that allows maximum compression for moderate swing speed players and comes in white and yellow.


B330-RXS (Tour Performance Series -> -105 Amateur Swing Speed -> Added Spin Control & Feel)
The B330-RXS offers a reformulated mantle to reduce side spin for greater accuracy and distance along with a soft core design that allows maximum compression for moderate swing speed players. It also features a softer Urethane cover than the B330-RX for increased greenside spin and control.


e5 (Distance Enhancing Series -> Low Trajectory)
The e5 is an advanced 2-piece urethane construction designed for golfers wanting higher ball flight, more distance and greater control. A large gradational core contributes to longer carry distances, while its tour caliber urethane cover delivers tremendous feel into and around the greens.


e6 (Distance Enhancing Series -> Hookers & Slicers)
The e6 is the softest multilayer golf ball on the market and in 2013 it is softer than its predecessor. Designed to help players eliminate slices and hooks, it reduces spin for straighter distance. A 3% softer Surlyn cover and low compression core improve feel, while an anti-side spin inner layer helps keep the ball in the short grass. Currently the top-selling e-Series model worldwide, the new e6 ball is available in white, optic yellow, orange and pink.


e7 (Distance Enhancing Series -> High to Medium Trajectory)
The ultimate distance ball is the new, multilayer e7 model – designed purely for faster, longer shots. The larger Dual Dimple and reactive Surlyn cover combine to reduce drag and increase lift, while a speed-enhancing core and spin-reducing inner layer deliver explosive velocity and greater distance.

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