Golf Tips By Uncle John: Drink And Be Merry!

My good friend John Smith came over from Taiwan this past weekend (yes that’s his real name and no, he’s not shagging Pocahontas).

John started a very successful education consultancy agency (www.ukeas.ph), which now has over 28 offices around the world, including a branch in the Philippines that I help manage.

John’s trips to Manila feel like they’re more pleasure than business. Born and raised in Liverpool, John loves his booze and golf, which always makes for interesting weekends.


The first time I met him and UKEAS director, Rich MN. back in 2008, we teed off at Villamor at 11AM and by the end of our 5 1/2 hour round, our threesome finished off 43 beers. Needless to say, we didn’t play that well but our first golf outing is a story that I still share with everyone till this day.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen John who was a welcomed reminder that golf should be more than just scores and handicaps.

I fetched him Sunday morning and we headed up to meet Vince at Sun Valley but not before stopping off at 7/11 for a cold six pack. I was already buzzed before reaching the 1st tee box and that pretty much sums up our round.

We all played terrible, but that wasn’t the point. When you play with John, the agenda isn’t just to score well, but to get pissed (Brit for drunk as hell), have fun with good friends and hopefully leave with a few good stories to share for years to come.

This weekend we witnessed the birth of “Uncle John” who teaches us below how to hit from the hazard:

and how to hit a proper drive:

It was a great day overall full of booze and laughs. Here’s Vince breaking the seal after a few beers…


and him goofing around behind me when I’m about to tee off on the 18th


The day wasn’t without a few drunk pars, including this one from Uncle John.

Final Golf Tip of the day, learn from Uncle John and be sure above all else to have fun!

Peace out from Da’ Mulligang!


4 thoughts on “Golf Tips By Uncle John: Drink And Be Merry!

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