Korean Unrest Creeps Out The Johnson’s

Golf’s two most famous Johnson’s (Dustin and Zach… no relation) have pulled out from this week’s Ballantine’s Championship in South Korea citing to “perceived unrest on the Korean Peninsula.”

According to an official statement from the sponsors:

Ballantine’s and event organisers, The European Tour, would like to reiterate that the tournament is going ahead as planned with a full field of European, Asian and Korean PGA Tour members. Ballantine’s has been kept fully up to date on relevant issues and The European Tour has also been liaising with key decision makers, including the Foreign Office, who have not warned of any increased risk to those travelling to or within the country.

It’s said that Paul Casey, Paul Lawrie, Louis Oosthuizen and Y.E. Yang are still scheduled to play. Not sure why they tossed Y.E. Yang into that list… dude’s from South Korea and probably has no choice but to play or else the government will cane him…

As far as I’m concerned, the whole situation is jacked… and what the hell is Rodman doing with Kim Jong Un?


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