Duck Dynasty Dufnering

{075F2EBC-4151-42BC-AEBF-0D54BF6224F8}watson_zurich13_preview_duckdynasty_610Bubba Watson may not have won any tournament this year but the dude sure knows how to keep his name in the mix with clever marketing stunts like the Bubba-Craft and hanging with Shaq.

His latest media whoring idea was teaming up with leads of the A&E reality TV show, Duck Dynasty, in the Zurich Classic pro-am yesterday.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a bunch of southern hicks who manage a multi-million dollar company that specializes in making duck calls. The show is outrageous! Just imagine a family of modern day hillbillies who look like they haven’t showered in 3-years, drive around in Cadillacs and Bentleys and do outrageous thing.

Though most expected a debauchery, Jase and Willie Robertson, who both play off roughly a 15 handicaps, together with Watson were leading after 10-holes until the rains hit N.O.L.A. and washed out the tournament.

Not to fret… a few interviews and an impromptu photo of them all dufnering with none other than dufnering founder, Jason Dufner got the buzz going again.

Since posting the photo on Twitter, Watson has racked up over 1,500 retweets and 883 favorites. All eyes are now glued on him to see what he comes up with next…

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