Putt Through The Gate

Are you a terrible putter like I am? Next time you’re on the putting green, put two tees down the exact width of your putter and try hitting the ball without touching either side. Tiger Woods does this drill as well as top 100 golf pro, Krista Dunton.



You’ll undoubtedly hit the tees at first but once you start hitting the ball clean through the gate, you’ll see a much smoother and more consistent roll to your putts.


Once you’ve mastered that, put another set of tees three inches behind and three inches in front of the first set of tees, which will tell you if your takeaway and follow through are in line as well.

Good luck! Let me know if this helps 🙂

One thought on “Putt Through The Gate

  1. Great drill. With this drill it is also important to use your pre-putting routine. Firstly to automate it, secondly to have some reference point on the course when you have to make the important put and know that you’ve made the shot several times on the practice ground the same way.

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