A Review of 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott’s Golf Swing

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By Scott McCormick, GolfNow freelancer

Adam Scott has been one of the world’s top golfers for several years now, but his victory in the 2013 Masters has catapulted the Aussie into household name territory.

The aspect of Scott’s game that has traditionally gotten the most attention is his putting technique, as he uses the controversial long putter to sink clutch putts – which he did in remarkable fashion on the 72nd hole of the Masters and then again two holes later in the playoff against Angel Cabrera.  But the 32 year old Scott has improved his overall game considerably in recent years, to the point where his swing is thought by many to be among the most perfect in the sport.

Let’s take an in depth look at Adam Scott’s swing, shall we?

adam scott swing plane

Starting Stance

Having the proper pre-swing setup is perhaps more important than the beauty of…

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