How much do these sports really cost???: Everything you need to know before you enroll your child in a sport

Golf takes a toll on your wallet… though definitely not as expensive as equestrian…

Evolution of Sports and Social Class'


  • A typical season of about 10 games of recreational soccer should generally cost anywhere from $50 – 200.
  • Competitive private clubs can cost as much as $500 – $2,000 per person
  • Private lessons can cost anywhere from $40 per hour at Private Soccer Training and as high as $110 per hour at United Soccer Academy
  • Equipment (Dicks Sporting Goods)
    • Cleats – $30 – 200
    • Soccer ball – $10 – 100
    • Shin Guards – $10 – 30


  • Generally, for a team with 3 hours of weekly indoor ice time for 20 weeks, plus a few games/tournaments could cost about $500.
  • In Colorado, at the Pee Wee travel level with a 6 month season of 22 games and 5 tournaments (4 games each) and scrimmages costs about $1500. The price can go up to $3000 for older and more competitive leagues.
  • Lessons can cost anywhere from $60 – 200 per…

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