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Really??? Vijay Singh Is Not A Crook???

vijay-singh-deer-antler_640According to Golf.com, the PGA Tour has dropped its case against self-confessed doper, Vijay Singh, citing new info from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that deer antler spray is no longer considered illegal because “it contains such small amounts of a growth hormone factor.”

Singh said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he paid $9,000 last November for deer antler spray, hologram chips and other products from Sports With Alternatives To Steroids. The spray was said to contain IGF-1, an insulin-like growth hormone that is on the list of banned substances under the tour’s anti-doping policy.

“The bottom line is that given the change by WADA, we are dropping the case against Mr. Singh,” PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said Tuesday.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous and errant cases in all of professional sports. In an age when performance enhancing drugs are so widely used that its ruining the integrity of even the most sacred sports (baseball, mixed martial arts, football, Lance Armstrong and cycling for god sakes!), the PGA had the opportunity to send a clear message to all other golfer that drugs are a no-no by suspending Singh. Instead, they waited three quiet months before cowering beneath a rock and brushing the entire matter under the rug.

Regardless of quantity, an illegal drug is ILLEGAL. It’s a passive move from an organization playing politics and using the WADA as a scapegoat because its scared of pissing off someone with money!

If the PGA Tour had the balls to flex it’s muscles against Golf’s regulating bodies in opposition of the upcoming anchor putter ban a few months ago, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have done the same with this ruling.

The guy’s so guilty!!! Singh, who has won three Major Championships, recently dropped out of the top 100 in the world and has not won on the PGA Tour since the Deutsche Bank Championship in 2008… just months after the tour began drug testing.

Man up, Tim Finchem! You’re a friggin’ idiot!

I’m already over it… someone please tell me where I can get some damn’ deer antler spray in Manila!

5 thoughts on “Really??? Vijay Singh Is Not A Crook???

  1. My Take.. You can’t compare him to Lance. As he hasn’t been in contention for years…
    Unlike Lance who did it to enhance his abilities, dominate Tour de France with it…
    And please how does Anchoring a putter give you and advantage. You still have to have good rhythm to use either…
    Just my Two Cents!

    • Hey Greg! Greatly appreciate your thoughts. I wasn’t so much comparing Singh to Lance as opposed to citing Lance as an example of how rampant performance enhancing drugs are in professional sports these days. True Singh hasn’t been in contention though his downfall started once the PGA started basic drug testing. Who knows whether he was using back in the late 90s / early 2000s when he won the Masters and PGA Championships.

      As for anchor putting, I was merely using it as a reference that the PGA was firm on its stance against them and therefore should be firm on its stance against doping regardless how big or small the infraction. The Tour should set a precedence and be more stringent, otherwise players will continue to take advance of the its leniency.

      However, I do think that using an anchor putting is beneficial. Please read this article that was written on March 3rd for Mulligang.com by noted physicist, Dave Tutelman: http://mulligang.com/2013/03/05/anchor-putter-debate-goes-scientific/.

      Thank you again for reading and look forward to your thoughts!

  2. I just don’t understand why Singh would use something that is “borderline” illegal when he could figure out a good diet full of proteins and follow a good workout regimin and walk away with similar results. I wouldn’t think the risk there is anywhere near the reward. Come on Vijay!

    • I completely agree. Singh strikes me as a very intelligent man. I’m under the belief that he took PEDs in the past and since the testing policies were instilled, was trying to find comparable supplements. Who knows… just theories for now though I can guarantee you that he’s not the only golfer tampering with deer antler spray and PEDs. Like other sports, the PGA needs to start implement more stringent testings though to get to the root of the problem. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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