World Vision Golf Cup (Recap) had the distinct honor to partner with World Vision for its inaugural Golf Cup at the beautiful Sta. Elena golf course yesterday. I have been a longtime support of World Vision and have worked with them the past two years through our client Seattle’s Best Coffee, who partners with the charity every Christmas to promote children’s education through the sale of its holiday journals.

World Vision is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization dedicated to working with the most vulnerable children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. With more than 50 years of experience in community organization and development, World Vision’s various programs include the promotion of sustainable development projects (education, health and nutrition, livelihood and utilities development, and values formation), emergency response and disater relief efforts, and overall public awareness for justice.

The organization is truly remarkable and is supported by a many of my friends and other well known celebrities like Marc Nelson, Sam Concepcion, Miriam Quimbao, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis-Smith.

When Vince told me about the tournament, we were both really eager to join and so thankful that World Vision agreed to work with Mulligang as an official media partner to promote the event.



Was super excited as this was my first ever golf tournament! Hizon picked me up at 6:00AM and we headed south to the course. After stopping off for coffee and getting a bit lost (felt like we passed the same toll girl at least 3 times), we finally arrived at Sta. Elena around 7:30AM where we were greeted by the beautiful Peach Mascarinas (that’s her in the red working hard :)).


Hizon getting primmed up in the locker room before heading out to greet his adoring fans. haha

The Mulligang arrived and representin’!

Despite showing up a bit late, Vince and I were able to get in a few shots at the range. The practice area is sick. Aside from 30+ bays to drive from, the club also has a nice big putting green and a dedicated sand area where you can practice your bunker shots.

Jun Godornes, World Vision OIC NRD Assistant Director, kicked off the tournament. Everyone took cover… this was his first time playing golf. hahaIMG_3855

We were paired together with Mr. Bobby Claudio (yellow) and Mr. Les Reyes (black). Two super nice guys who enjoy their beer just as much as Vince and I do 🙂

Officially teeing off in my first ever tourney. Was very nervous. Pulled my first shot a bit but still stayed in play so can’t complain. Thanks to Vince for grabbing this video 🙂

Here’s a nice photo of the Prince’s buttocks on hole no. 7 for all his fans out there.

Hizon planning his shot on the par-5, hole no. 8

He hits a bomb drive, money second shot to get on in two. Here’s his putt for eagle:

Thought this sign was funny. Luckily we were playing up to speed 🙂IMG_3870

Hizon unleashing the Kraken!

For a very very brief period of time, I had the longest drive at 264 yards. That was until another golfer named, Budjie, cracked his 312 yards! Can’t be sour with a guy who’s out-hitting 90% the PGA pros…

The beautiful par-3, 180 yard 17th hole

Vince smiling that he outdrove me by a yard on the final hole no. 4 😦

In the weeks leading up to the tournament, when I mentioned to other golfers that I would be playing at Sta. Elena, the response was always the same, “Wow… very nice course” or “best course in the Philippines.” Rated by Golf Digest as one of the top 100 golf courses outside of the United States, Sta. Elena by all accounts is world class.

The course is rather flat so I still prefer Sun Valley in terms of difficulty but overall, it’s everything you’d expect; beautifully managed and extremely well manicured course.

Aside from the course, the food is great as are the facilities. Checkout this kickass massage area inside the locker room!
IMG_3886   IMG_3887

Vince was super excited about the sugar served, which is supposedly extra premium. He made me smell it before I put it into my coffee. Never heard of Mascabado but must admit that it did smell quite different…

Vince finished with a solid 83 while I finished with an abysmal 92 due to some unlucky putts. The tournament was a system 36 scoring, which I don’t completely understand. All I know is that we both suck and didn’t win any trophies in our bracket. 😦 Only redeeming part of my game is that I only had one 3-putt the entire round and that was on the final hole from a mental lapse. 3BaysGSA must be working for me!

Here’s The Prince going celeb status again in the clubhouse taking photos with some fans!

Managed to snap a photo on the way out with our good friend and event host, Anthony Suntay.

Thank you again to World Vision for putting on such a fantastic event! Vince and I and the rest of the Mulligang urge everyone to giveback by sponsoring as many children as possible. It’s won’t be for nothing… My really good friend, Trixie, was sponsored by Atom Henares and is now the EIC of TV5’s new digital site,

For additional information, please head to World Vision’s website at:


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