3BaysGSA Pro Swing Analyzer (Review)

This post is really really overdue but now that work has calmed down a bit, I’m finally able to post about my session at range last weekend with the 3BaysGSA Pro Swing Analyzer.

Much like the Putt Analyzer, which I reviewed a few weeks back, the 3BaysGSA Pro comes in a high quality (orange) box and metallic outer sleeve giving you the feeling that you’re unboxing a top-of-the-line product.


Accompanying the swing analyzer is a charger, USB adaptor to charge via computer, user manual and carrying case:


Like the Putt, the 3BaysGSA Pro is the smallest (29.3 x 43 mm) and lightest (9.8g) swing analyzer on the market

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.55.00 PM

Unlike other swing analyzers that connect to the shaft of your club and tend to spin after each swing, the 3BaysGSA Pro plugs straight into your grip and pairs easily via bluetooth with your Apple or Android device.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.48.42 PM

It took me a few swings to get use to the analyzer, mainly because I like gripping my clubs right at the end so part of my left palm would rest on the device.

It’s also a bit of trip making a full swing with the analyzer plugged in. It’s so light that I felt as though it was going to fly off. Once you mentally get over having a blinking white button attached to the end of your club, and by get over I mean imagining that it’s not there, the 3BaysGSA is a very accurate and useful tool.

The device digitizes your swing into 10,000 points to give you the following info – all in relation to how you setup to the ball:
– Clubhead Speed
– Face Angle (open, closed, square)
– Swing Path (outside, inside, square)
– Tempo: ratio between your backswing and downswing
– Backswing Time (in seconds)
– Downswing time (in seconds)
– Impact Force in lbs/kg
– Ball Speed
– Carry Distance (calculated by taking club selected and clubhead speed)
– Consistency in relation to yours or a pros’ best swing

I started with my 56 degree wedge and took three swings. Data for my first below. I tend to pull the ball so the 3BaysGSA reconfirmed that my path is ok but my club face closes on impact…
IMG_3943 IMG_3944

My second… better face angle and path resulting in a straight shot that flew where I wanted it to. But my backswing is still a bit too fast.
IMG_3947 IMG_3948

On my third swing, I intentionally tried to swing more outside to in which the analyzer picked up on. I ended up pushing the ball slightly to the left of the target though because I closed the club face again. argh…
IMG_3949 IMG_3950

Next, I switched to my 8 iron. First, which resulted in a nice shot with slight draw.
IMG_3954 IMG_3955

And my second shot, which I push/drew to the left because, once again, I closed my club face!
IMG_3956 IMG_3957

What’s really cool is that the 3BaysGSA Pro will log your data even if you’re running another app. Below is a video of my second 8 Iron swing above. Hard to see the ball but yeah, it went left…

There are similar features to the 3BaysGSA Putt, like social media sharing (twitter, facebook, etc.), setting your best swing for comparison, great info screen if you’re not sure what the different buttons are for, etc.

I finally downloaded an app that allows me to record my iPhone screen. Checkout the quick walkthrough video below. Coolest part about the app is that it shows you a digital 3-D simulation in various speeds of your swing from both front and side views. Check it out:

A few negatives about the product:
1. Because carry distance and ball speeds are mathematically calculated, you can use the device and generate results even when you’re in the house without a ball, which is pretty cool. However, for me, the carry distance is off by roughly 10-15 yards. On the shots above, I actually carried the ball with my 56 degree sand wedge approximately 100 yards and roughly 155 yards with my 8 iron. There is a setting inside the application that allows you to adjust the length of your clubs. Not sure if I have to do this to get more accurate results.
2. It would be nice if the data given for the swing path and club face are numerical in degrees instead of just open or closed and inside or outside.
3. One data figure I really wish the app displayed is Impact Angle. I tend to hit too up on my ball with both my irons and woods. I’ve been working hard on hitting down more with my irons so would be nice if the app could tell me what degree I’m attacking at. This seems really complicated though so not sure if this is even possible.
4. Similar to the putting analyzer, I really wish I could transfer my swing data, photos and the virtual putting videos from my phone to my computer via the USB port.

Above points aren’t so much negatives as they are my wishlist for the next version.

Overall this is a great, really accurate and reasonably priced product that can help any golfer by breaking down the two most important aspects of any swing: path and club face angle and their relation to one other.

More importantly, it’s just so crazy how brilliant the engineers who developed the 3BaysGSA Putt and Pro swing analyzers are! Can’t even imagine how much work went into packaging everything into such a small, compact device.

Though not a cure all, but I would recommend the 3BaysGSA for medium to low handicappers like me who want more detailed information about their swings.

Another big thank you to Mayan of AIM Technology and the people at 3BaysGSA.

If you’re interested in purchasing one in the Philippines, contact Mayan at the details. Cheers!

Mayan Mauricio
Office: +63.2.636.7499

5 thoughts on “3BaysGSA Pro Swing Analyzer (Review)

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  2. Hi will,
    We just launched a new feature on GSA PRO app. Auto-Video Recording allows you to record a video of your body posture in conjunction with the metrics captured by the device. It makes 3BaysGSA becomes a more comprehensive and complete swing training experience. Feel free to try out and let us know your comment.

    • I actually read about that on your facebook! great addition. I’m traveling in Taiwan at the moment but will download and try it out when I get back home. Does the video integrate with the swing analyzer?

  3. Thanks. The feature allows auto-recording for multiple swings as the recording will be stopped once the swing is recognized by the analyzer. In other words, you don’t have to go back and forth, pressing start and restart button. All is automatic. No assistant is needed. Also, the club head speed can be synced with the video by just one tap.

    Love to hear your comments very soon! Keep in touch.

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