Nike’s New Tiger Woods 14 Spikes

On the heels of Tiger’s latest win at The Players Championship, Nike has launched a newer, slicker and PGA Tour dominating TW14 shoe. These look much better than the TW13’s, which reminded me of something out of the 80s. Glad Nike’s updating its style while still keeping the performance aspect.

The shoes feature Nike’s patented Flywire technology and come in the standard white/black/red as well as black/red and cool grey/lime green versions.

Nike_TW_14_Black_large  Nike_TW_14_Cool_Grey_large

Checkout the official release by Nike below with additional information here! Anyone know when these will be available in the Philippines?

Building upon the success of last year’s TW’13, Nike Golf brings enhancements and a modified look to the new Nike TW’14 footwear. Nike Athlete Tiger Woods debuted the new Nike shoe in a dramatic fashion with his 78th PGA Tour career victory at The Players Championship. The new iconic shoe is also the first Nike Golf shoe to be made available on NIKEiD with previews beginning May 20, 2013.


Nike_TW_14_White_Flywire_largeWoods first debuted the TW’13 on Tour late in the 2011 season and the shoe took the marketplace by storm in 2012. Through his inspiration, hands-on testing and detailed feedback, Nike Golf has continued to collaborate with Woods on the Nike TW’14, further enhancing fit, feel and function.

The natural motion engineered outsole of the Nike TW’14 is designed to mimic and conform to the innate movement of the foot and still deliver all the protection and traction of a lightweight performance golf shoe. This innovative outsole allows the athlete to keep contact with the ground longer, better harnessing the energy of the foot to the shoe, and therefore, the shoe to the ground.

The new upper features improved ventilation for increased breathability and comfort. This was achieved through strategically located perforations and a more comfortable mesh tongue providing athletes the ventilation they want without compromising the waterproof protection they need.“These shoes provide freedom of movement and allow me to release more power through my swing,” Woods says.

“With this shoe, we worked diligently to take every detail to a new level,” said Tobie Hatfield, Athlete Projects Innovator in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen. “Tiger’s relentless focus on getting better makes us better. His insights force us to never stop innovating and delivering technology that will enhance a golfer’s performance. In the TW ’14, he wanted more stability with mobility. We’ve accomplished that by using Nike’s Dynamic Flywire technology, which moves with him but stabilizes his foot when he swings. We also increased breathability of the shoe by using a full mesh tongue.”


Nike_TW_14_Black_Outsole_largeWith the fully customizable TW’14 iD version, consumers can create the perfect combination of breathability and traction for varying playing conditions. In addition to a wide-range of color combinations, golfers can choose between two distinct uppers: waterproof and breathable.

  • The waterproof upper is made of multi-stretch synthetic leather for weather protection and durability, and the breathable upper (available exclusively through NIKEiD) features lightweight mesh to keep feet comfortable on hot days.
  • The TW’14iD is available in two outsoles — the Spike version or the Integrated Traction option (molded rubber).
  • Consumers can also personalize their shoes by adding their names or an inspirational message to the inside tongues.

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