Keep Your Right Knee Flexed

Came across this post on Golf Digest where PGA’er and overall “awesome dresser” Rickie Fowler demonstrates the importance of keeping a strong flexed right knee. I’ve heard Adam Scott talk about this as well though it contradicts the whole Sean Foley / Tiger Woods / “Stack-and-Tilt”  phenomenon going around at the moment.

Keeping my right knee flex is one think I focus on in my swing to ensure that I don’t over rotate and over-tilt. This isn’t for everyone though… Hizon straightens his right-knee on his back swing and still crushes the ball.

Checkout the photos and Fowler’s excerpts below and let me know what you think:


“Here’s the move that wreaked havoc on my back. Although it looks like I’ve completed a full turn, too much of it has come from my hips (see photo). My right knee is straight because the majority of my weight is stuck on my left side. This tips my torso toward the target and increases the pressure on my lower spine. Advil, please.”


“That nice flex in my right knee (see photo) is an indicator that my pelvis has stayed in the same posture it was at address. When my pelvis or hips stay in position like this, they can’t rotate as much. That allows me to generate my turn mainly from my shoulders and mid-back. I feel coiled, with about 60 percent of my weight in my right heel.”

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