GolfBuddy Voice Now Available


Pacsports Philippines recently announced that it’s now carrying the GolfBuddy Voice+. Didn’t know much about this product but after doing a bit of research online, this portable little GPS is pretty badass. In addition to reading out the distance to the front, back and middle of the green from wherever you are, key features include:

  • Talking Golf GPS
  • No Fees Ever
  • Automatic Course & Hole Recognition
  • Dynamic Green View
  • Shot Distance Measuring Function
  • Multi-Lingual

Unit comes pre-loaded with 36,000+ world courses including my favorite, Sun Valley. A white wristband is also included though you can purchase different color wristbands (black or orange) or just clip it anywhere convenient.


Unit retails for PhP8,000.00 and can be purchased at any Pacsports Philippines store. Need to figure out how to get my hands on one of these to properly test it out.

Checkout the commercial below from the GolfBuddy official YouTube page. Anyone have one of these? Let me know how accurate it is. Cheers!

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