Anchor Ban Solution: Face-On Putting?

Came across this article published way back in 2011 in Golf Digest. With the anchor ban in full effect, could switching your putting stroke to face-on be a suitable alternative?

According to author Gary Mccord, face-on putting is the best way to roll the golf ball. For additional info, visit the full article here. Give it a shot and let me know how you get on.


1. Grip it at the top with your left hand, and keep that fulcrum point constant. 2. Let your right arm hang, and add your right hand. I hook my forefinger around the grip. 3. The stroke is executed by moving your right arm where it joins the shoulder. 4. Lean a bit to your right to position your eyes directly over the ball. 5. The putter should stand vertically; don’t make a forward press. 6. Move your right foot up, and set 90 percent of your weight there. Use your rear foot only for balance.

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