Better Golf Swing With BackJoy

BackJoy_Posture+_GroupShot_NoPackaging_121911_loI attended a talk two weeks ago with Dr. Barry Kluner at St. Luke’s Hospital where I was introduced to this neat little product called BackJoy.

BackJoy is a supportive back orthotic engineered to help maintain correct posture and relieve back pressure by flexing and cradling your pelvis. The patented design of the product automatically tilts, cups, and floats your pelvis upright so you can find your most balanced and comfortable posture aligning your hips, spine and neck and head.

In his 45-minute talk, Dr. Kluner explained how good posture and proper back support are critical to reducing back pain, which is especially important for people like me who sit the entire day in front of a computer while at  work.


I never realized how terrible my sitting posture is until I tried out a BackJoy. It’s a bit strange initially and feels like the backside of your butt is hovering over your chair.

The first few days I felt a slight burn in your lower and mid-back because I was forced to situp straight and engage muscles I tend to neglect from slouching. But after using it for a week or so, I’ve noticed that I’m consciously sitting up straighter and my lower & mid-back is stronger. 🙂

before after

BackJoy is said to improve my golf swing as well. Turns out Dr. Kluner is a consulting chiropractor and contributor for Golf Magazine Malaysia and recommends the BackJoy for golfer with poor posture and setup.

He told me that extended use of BackJoy will strengthen my setup and stance and allow me to better maintain my spine angle throughout my swing – especially at impact.

BackJoy comes in multiple different models for varying back conditions and butt sizes but the most popular is made out of the same material as Crocs making it easy to clean. And all models are light and portable and can be used on any surface.

Basic CMYK

They also make a cool pillow as well that automatically position the head in the optimal sleeping posture and properly aligns the neck & back to reduce back pain. Key features of the BackJoy Pillow include:


  • Patented layered design and DualDown FiberTM fill automatically adjusts and supports proper head height as sleep position changes.
  • FlexLightTM Memory Foam mechanically aligns head, neck and spine in ANY sleep position.
  • Innovative sidewall flexes and conforms around neck and shoulders for total comfort and alignment.
  • QuadraStretchTM breathable materials breath 50% better than cotton to disperse heat and moisture away from the body.
  • Hypoallergenic material blend allows for machine washing to keep pillow clean, fresh and allergy free.

Haven’t tried the pillow yet but picked up a BackJoy Posture+ at R.O.X. last week and it’s money.

Will continue using my BackJoy and hopefully after a month, my golf swing will look less like my own and more like Tiger Woods’  Justin Rose’s swing. Hopefully I’ll gain some distance as well.

If you’re interested, BackJoy products are exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies available at the BackJoy Kiosks in SM N. Edsa Annex and Robinson’s Place Manila, R.O.X. stores, select travel clubs and select Toby’s Stores. If you have time, I recommend you head to one of these locations where you can test out the product for yourself.

For additional information, click here or get in touch with Donna Chavez:

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