Bittersweet Reunion With Golf

It’s been AGES since I last played golf. Over the past few months, my Manila PR Agency was busy handling the local publicity for  amongst others, Asia’s largest Mixed Martial orgainzation, ONE FC. The event and various media tours leading up to the event were a huge success but also consumed my weekends… hence no golf.

My fellow Mulligangers and I finally made it out to the course two weekends back and it was very bittersweet. We played Sun Valley, and the moment I stepped onto the first tee box, I quickly remembered how much I missed being outside. Being in the mountains in Antipolo and away from the so-called “Gates of Hell,” if even for a day, was such a recharge.

That tranquil feeling however, quickly passed when I took my first swing and pushed the ball straight into the woods on the right. Golf can be so annoying, especially when you take 2 months off.

If you’re trying to get back into the game, whether it be after a long winter or bad injury, only advice I can give is to have fun and know that you’re probably going to suck the first few times out so don’t get discouraged.

Golf for me these days as I enter into my elderly years (can’t believe I’m turning 30 next month!), has become more of a social activity rather than a competitive sport. This is as competitive as we got… a longest drive competition that we all bombed (not in a good way)…well except for Vince that is but that’s cause he’s a gorilla.





Though we all sucked, so much so that we stopped keeping score, it was great grabbing a few afternoon brews and catching up with one another again on the beach. hahaha


We were lucky enough to play Sun Valley’s three new holes and they’re really impressive.

Here’s Mark on the new 13th hole which was turned into a very long par-4. Approach is uphill making it even more difficult:


Chris on the 14th hole… a short par-4 with probably the most elongated and crazy sloping green out of the entire course:


15th… a long, slightly uphill 190-yard par-3 from the blues.


Vince trying to knock it close like a BOSS on the 15th with a 6-Iron:


New holes are set to open by the end of the month. Sun Valley and the new additions are definitely a must play if you haven’t been there yet. More info can be found in our Philippine Golf Directory.

Thanks for reading and just remember, when your swing goes to sh*t:



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