Adams Golf Super S & LS

Vince and I played hooky again last Friday to attend the Adams Golf Demo¬†at Villamor. We love going to the Pacsports demos because Randy always brings cool new clubs for us to mess around with and the Flightscope to tell us how crappy our swings are! ūüė¶

Vince and I went to the Manila Adams Golf launch earlier in the year where we tested the Speedline Tech and Speedline Fast. Great clubs and definitely more distance but not the prettiest looking clubs.

Well the newest toy set to hit the Philippine shores is the Adams Golf Super S & LS! These clubs are badass both in looks and performance!


Take the the revolutionary 3D Face technology of the Speedline Tech and mix it together with a badass design and paint job and you get the new Super collection.

Key features of the Speedline Super S include:

  • super_s_dvr_2aVELOCITY SLOT TECHNOLOGY:¬†The slot design in the sole of the club increases the size of the sweet spot making i
    tincredibly easy to hit straighter and with more distance.
  • ADJUSTABILITY: Can be adjusted to 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5 degrees of loft. This two-degree range allows the driver to adapt to the changes of your game over time making it extremely easy to fit.
  • AERODYNAMICS: The most aerodynamic driver ever developed by Adams Golf making it even easier to swing faster.


While the Speedline Super LS (low spin) has:


  • ADJUST LOFT, LIE & LENGTH:¬†You have the ability to adjust face angle, length and swing weight to fine tune this driver for maximum performance to better your own game.
  • VELOCITY SLOT TECHNOLOGY:¬†The slot in the sole of the club is deeper in the heel and toe to increase the sweet spot across the face. This expansion of the sweet spot provides golfers with consistently higher ball speeds for consistently longer drives.
  • VERY LOW SPIN VS. SUPER S:¬†With a CG low and back in the clubhead, the SUPER LS Driver maximizes gear effect to produce very low spin (the lowest of any previous Adams driver) without sacrificing launch.


Both drivers feature a new white crown and badass decals.

We tried out the Super LS version first. This is for better / tour players who want to maximize distance. Though its a beautiful club, Vince and I both suck too much to be able to utilize the club properly. A bit too heavy for my liking and my handicap. We still got decent results off the Flightscope but Vince and I both gravitated to the Super S instead which is more suited for average golfers with mid handicaps.

IMG_4589 IMG_4590 IMG_4591

I REALLY like this club. It looks great down by the ball at address and even though it has the Fast Fit technology, it’s not bulky by the neck of the club.

Great results also! After testing the driver, we switched to the 3-wood, which is just as pretty and super super long!

Hizon’s swing… 230 total like a Boss with a 3-Wood!


Here’s mine… 203 carry… 233 yards total… not too shabby!


I’m a 3-wood type of guy. When I was playing back in the states, I would tee off every hole with my 3-wood because I liked the look of a smaller head at address along with the better control so this Adams Super S is my type of club.


I’m in the market for a new 3-wood so might just trade up from my old school TaylorMade V-Steel for this bad-boy!

Always great leaving work early and testing out the latest equipment!

I believe the Speedline Super S & LS are due to arrive in the Philippines by Q4 2013 and can be found at any of the Pacsports outlets around the Metro.

In the meantime, if you want to demo these clubs, click here to view the Adams & Bridgestone July 2013 demo schedule! Next stop is City Golf in Ortigas on July 5!

For additional info and list of stores, please visit Pacsports’ website: and¬†be sure to follow them on Facebook:

Thanks again to Randy Rana for the invite! ūüôā

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