MySP Golf Swing Training Aid (Review)

Two months ago, a nice man named Gerry Crawford contacted us through Twitter to see if we would be interested in testing out his golf swing training aid, MySP Golf. The device is said to improve consistency and distance… both of which Vince and I are in desperate need of. I gave him my office address not expecting any response and to my surprise, a package arrived out of the blue from the UK!


Opened up the bag to find that Gerry was nice enough to send two units over for Vince and I to demo.


Each golf swing training aid unit comes with a harness that straps around your waist and two resistance bands — a longer yellow one that connects to the front hand and a shorter green for the back hand intended to help with your chipping.


According to the website:

The MySP unique resistance system is said to help improve the consistency of your golf swing by accelerating the “Neuromuscular Muscle Development” (muscle memory for your golf swing).

The specially developed harness and resistance bands assist you in improving your back swing, downswing, follow through and also improves your hip rotation, so you feel power through the club head during the swing. Simple yet highly effective, the MySP golf swing training aid will help any one striving for that perfect swing, chip or putt.


I’ve been really busy with work lately so haven’t had the time to properly tryout the MySP. Aside from a few practice swings in my house, my only session with it was this past weekend at Sun Valley Golf Course where I hit a few balls at the range before our round. The MySP kept me compact and helped to better sync the tempo between my hands and hips.

IMG_4617 IMG_4616

For me, the best part of device is how it puts my hands on the right plane on my downswing giving me a more consistent strike through the ball.


On the finish, the tension would pull my left elbow down and keep me more compact, which is just what I need as my hands tend to get a bit high and loopy on my follow-through.


Though I only used it for less than five minutes, the results were immediate. On the first hole, I slammed a 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway. Second shot was a straight 100 yarder onto the green where I two putted for par.

My score went to sh*t halfway through the round though when I lost that love and feeling and was trying so hard to recreate they swing I had with the tension bands on. So my only suggestion to those who buy the MySP is to take the time to properly practice with it daily and at least 15 – 20 minutes before you hit the course.


Vince, who’s been using the MySP harness a few times a week is having better results. He’s finally starting to use his hips in his swing and has been hitting much longer and straighter. For the first time since I can remember, he’s consistently driving the ball 270+ yards and finished last weekend’s round 9-over. Just spoke to him a few minutes ago and he said that he finished 4-over in his round today. Though Vince’s success isn’t entirely attributed to the MySP, the training aid has definitely helped  him with his ongoing progress and consistency.

Would definitely recommend the MySP Golf Swing Training Aid to anyone struggling with consistency. It’s light and portable so you can shove it in your bag and use it at the range, in the office or before you tee off.

It’s affordable and will save you money once you start hitting better and losing less balls. 🙂

Now that work and travel have calmed down a bit, I’ll be practicing with the MySP once a day and will post again in a few weeks on my progress.

If you’re interested in purchasing one (which Vince and I high recommend you do), please visit the website: or you can touch base directly with Gerry on Twitter at: (@gerrysports1).

Continue to check-in on our progress here at Watch the video below as well, which shows some other cool ways for you to use the tension bands around the arms and knees.

Thank you, Gerry for allowing us to test your awesome product! When the Hizon’s and I started, we never thought that we would reach readers on the other side of the world. Cheers! 🙂

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