Bettinardi Studio Stock 15 Putter (Review)


Having trouble with your putting? Might be time to switch to a premium putter!

Quick background: To this day, still the best putter I’ve ever used is my brother-in-law’s Big Ben Hogan mallet. When I moved to the Philippines and started getting back into golf, my first mission was to find and buy that same exact one. To my disappointment, I learned that Ben Hogan’s were no longer in production. I settled on an old school Ping Anser blade putter (great feel) but continued to keep an eye out for any Big Ben’s that would surface on eBay.

Earlier this year as I was looking around again, I learned that 1. I’m an idiot and 2. Ben Hogan wasn’t the brand but merely a collaboration with US premium putter manufacturer, Bettinardi.

I started researching the brand and learned that even though the Ben Hogan line was no long around, all of Bettinardi’s putters are produced with the same technology and detailed craftsmanship. If you’re not familiar with the brand,  here’s a quick rundown:

  • Robert Bettinardi, a master engineer milling parts for the defense and medical industry, set out in 1991 and began crafting some of the world’s finest putters.
  • Became recognized as the premier engineer of One-Piece milled putters.
  • In 1998 Bettinardi Golf was born.
  • 1999, Jesper Parnevik shot 23-under par for a tournament record 265 at the Greater Greensboro Open using a Bettinardi BB-10.
  • Since then, tournament wins by Jim Furyk, Vijay Singh and most recently, Matt Kuchar, would cement Bettinardi as one of the best milled putters manufacturers in the industry.

Checkout the video below to see just how premium and detailed Bettinardi Golf is:

I was set on demoing and probably purchasing one when I returned to the states (didn’t think they had a retailer in the Philippines), when out of the blue, Jovi of Red Golf contacted us to see if we’d be interested in testing the latest Bettinardi putters!


Received the Studio Stock 15 putter a few weeks back and first response from myself and anyone else who sees it is that it’s absolutely beautiful!

The Studio Stock 15 is a double-bend, pear-shaped compact sized mallet finished in a non-glare corona finish. Weight has been moved out from the heel and the toe and into the flange / pear section to increase the sweet spot of the putter making it more forgiving. A bold sight line runs across the entire top of the club ensuring that you’re lined up properly.


Orange & Grey Lamkin standard grip and made in the U.S.A. sticker… just what I like seeing!

IMG_4363 IMG_4362

Beautiful decals on the bottom of the face


Beautiful hexagon-design head cover that instantly makes your golf bag look more professional!

IMG_4372 IMG_4371


Probably the most unique feature of the club is the Hextagonal F.I.T. face. The new Hextagonal design allows for more material to be moved from the impact area of the putter. Bettinardi states on its site that it was “able to remove about 55% of material from the face, which results in a softer feel at impact.”

I’ve only had the opportunity to use the putter twice but WOW! Though it sports a heavier head (just under 360 grams), the design and balance make the putter feel extremely light and just as maneuverable as my blade.


With the Bettinardi Studio Stock 15, my putts roll straighter, the feel is softer and most important, my distances are more accurate. Though I played like sh*t  last weekend at Sun Valley, the one redeeming part of my round was that I didn’t have any three putts.

Two negatives of the putter: 1. It’s TOO soft, which isn’t even a negative. I’m just so use to my Ping, which gives me a distinct “pop” off the face that it’s a bit weird when I use the Bettinardi and can hardly feel or hear the ball leaving the face. I get great results but still need to get use to that absence.

2. Bettinardi’s putters run slightly more expensive then its main competitor (Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Odyssey). However, as Mark always says, “if there’s one club to invest in, it’s your putter.”

In an age where players change their irons and woods with the seasons, one thing that always stays constant is a putter you can trust. My brother-in-law has been using the same Bettinardi Big Ben for almost 10 years already and to be honest, it’s the only part of his game that doesn’t sucks. haha

Trust me, once you try the Studio Stock 15, it will definitely be a club that will remain in your bag till you’re old and wrinkly.

On a side note, Bettinardi recently partnered together with Matt Kuchar to launch a series of signature traditional and armlock putters. The new line conforms to the new USGA anchor putter ban and may have already launched in the Philippines? Click here to read more about the new Matt Kuchar x Bettinardi signature collection.

Stay tuned as we try to get our hands on one and the other Bettinardi series to review on!

Big thanks to Jovi Neri for allowing us to tryout such a fantastic product.

For additional information including how to purchase a Bettinardi putter in the Philippines, please contact Red Golf on Facebook, through email: or via telephone: +63.32.416.3605.

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