3BaysGSA Adds Auto-Video Recording


A month back, I posted about the 3BaysGSA Swing Analyzer. The company just launched its latest update, a video recording capability that allow for hands-free recording, “one-tap” to trim the video feature, frame-by-frame playback, and line drawing tools.

Probably the coolest feature is the auto-recording for multiple swings. It’s this neat new technology that records each swing and will stop once each is recognized by the analyzer. This allows you to analyze multiple swings without having to start and stop the video every time like other apps. While recording, the golf swing analyzer will still function allowing you to compare your stats (swing speed, distance, angles) to the video.

Vince and I attended the Adams Golf Super S  demo a few Fridays back at Villamor where I tried to using the video feature but wasn’t able to get it to work because I couldn’t find a flat surface to rest it on that was far enough to fit Vince’s big gorilla body into the entire frame.

We were however, able to compare the swing data from the 3BaysGSA with Pacsports’ Flightscope at the Adams Golf Speedline Super S demo last Friday and surprisingly, the distances were pretty close. Using Vince as a guinney-pig:

Here’s his first swing on the Flightscope (248 yd. carry) side-by-side with the 3BaysGSA (251 yd.)

IMG_4601 IMG_4602

swing 2 (218 to 216 yds.):

IMG_4600 IMG_4604

Swing 3 (233 to 235 yds.):

IMG_4605 IMG_4599

Face angle and swing paths are off because we realized only after that the device wasn’t lined up properly. haha

Club head speeds are pretty close and almost spot on on the last one.

All in all, it’s a great device that measures up relatively well to the US$10,000.00+ Flightscope.

For more information, visit 3BaysGSA’s website here or contact Mayan if you’re interested in purchasing one in the Philippines:

Mayan Mauricio
Office: +63.2.636.7499

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