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Gary Player And Carly Booth Pose Nude



Golf Legend Gary Player and Ladies European Tour’s Carly Booth strip down for this year’s ESPN’s ‘Body Issue.’ Player is 77 years young with the strength of an Ox judging from the photo above… I wonder what that big ball’s made out of?



Booth is Scottish and has two wins on tour. Seems like she has a bit of a kinky side judging by the side tattoos she’s flashing.

Full interview with Players can be found here. Though the craziest quote is the one below:

What is the most important exercise you do?
GP: I used to do 1,000 sit-ups a day; now I’m up to 1,200. I do all different kinds of core exercises: lying on the medicine ball; holding a weight and rocking right to left; crunches with a 100-pound weight on my chest, sit-ups with my legs up. Core is No. 1, but it’s all important. I exercise everything from my head to my toes every time I exercise: neck, shoulders, biceps, forearms, fingers, wrists, stomach, thighs, calves and feet. Most people my age, their feet ache, but I never have a twinge of pain because I’ve exercised my feet for years.

Time to start working out! Happy, Friday all!

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