Zanjoe Marudo 2013 Birthday Golf Tournament

Two Sundays back (April 21st), the Hizons and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to the 2nd Annual Zanjoe Marudo Birthday Golf Cup Tournament at the Capitol Hills Golf Club in Quezon City. Hadn’t played a full round in a few weeks and had also never been to Capitol before so was really excited for this event. Was also pumped to meet Zanjoe and Bea Alonzo. I always hear their names in passing but have never had the opportunity to meet them before.

I was one of the first to arrive so I grabbed breakfast at the Pancake House upstairs and snapped a great photo of everyone setting up from the clubhouse balcony overlooking the 18th hole:


#ZBirthday2013 Flyers hung all around

Hizon’s showed up and we registered inside with the pretty receptionists ๐Ÿ™‚

Sponsored by Oakley! We all got kickass goodbags with pimp Oakley shirts inside.

Found out the three of us were paired with the very beautiful former Bb. Pilipinas-World, Daisy Reyes. Here she with Patricia both coincidentally wearing the same spikes. Pink is in people!

On the way to the practice greens, I finally got to meet Zanjoe and Bea. Learned that she single-handedly organized the entire tournament as a surprise for his birthday, which is so cool… Pay close attention to how fashion their outfits are.

Pat getting her practice on before we kickoff…

And here’s Vince practicing his chipping… ๐Ÿ™‚

Group photo on the third tee

Hizon lining up his shot and cracking his iron

Here’s Daisy who’s got a wicked coil and swing

And Pat who was by far the best out of the Mulligang (Vince and I stank it up the entire round).

I got balls!

Daisy blinging while putting with her pink umbrella… class!!!

Capitol is a nice course. A bit short but still challenging and fun to get around. Here’s Vince going for it on a par-4

Paparazzi everywhere… guess that’s what you’d expect at a celebrity golf tournament! Waddup!!!

Happy Mulligang Couple!


I really appreciated the small things Bea did around the course to make the round more fun. The hot receptions were later seen at a hole with foghorns to distract the golfers. Needless to say, we all ducked our shots. Then there was this character… who literally scared the crap out of us when it popped out of the bushes.


Mr. Zombie gave the girls a good scare also ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad my fat finger was partially covering the lens

Missed the party and awarding later in the night but Vince and Pat made out with some cool gear (FYI… that’s not them! haha)

IMG_4855 IMG_4856

Though Vince and I both played like sh*t, was great getting back out onto the course and spending time with my golf-family. Pat was money though, driving the green on the 9th hole and making her first eagle ever! So badass right?!??

We feel blessed that we were invited to the Z Cup Golf Tournament.

Happy birthday Zanjoe and congratulations to Bea for organizing an awesome Sunday event! Thank you so much for inviting us! ๐Ÿ™‚


One thought on “Zanjoe Marudo 2013 Birthday Golf Tournament

  1. My comment has nothing to do with golf, but I just want to comment on Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo’s present relationship. I am glad that they respect each other’s decision on when to settle down and that their relationship is in a healthy stage. If they really love each other, they can wait until the time is right. My niece married her husband now after nine years of just having sweethearts relationship status. They had to finish their respective medical fields before settling down and now they have twins and my niece is on the way for their 3rd. I hope Zanjoe and Bea are the one because you love each other. You can love your relatives, but never let them go in between to mess up your relationship. What really counts is the love you have for each other. The important thing is LOVE, RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING AND PUT ASIDE EGO from each other and the most impiortant thing is LOVE OF GOD. Good Luck to both and you are the one. God bless. Teody

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