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Golf Digest’s Most Annoying Golfers!

This is absolutely hilarious!¬†Came across this series published on Golf Digest detailing the 36 most annoying golf partners to play with. The full series can be found here but below are the ones we are to give everyone fair warning just in case you ever end up playing with us! ūüôā

#6: The Air Counter

Yeah… this is totally me… I have trouble remembering but that’s probably cause I suck…
Defining characteristics:
¬†Can’t remember his score without reliving every shot in detail.
Favorite expression:¬†“One in the pond, two drop, three back in the pond. Four I had that funky lie in the bunker and left it in the bunker … “

#7 The Frat Boy

Vinny H. all da’ way!!!
Defining characteristics:¬†Unable to fathom a round of golf without a steady stream of adult beverages. Idea of restraint is to hold off drinking … until the second hole.
Favorite expression:¬†“A few beers will loosen up that swing!”

#13 Delusional Guy

Yup… we’re both guilty of this… haha
Defining characteristics:¬†Forces group to wait on every par 5 because he’s convinced he can get home in two. Usually gets there in four.
Favorite expression:¬†“If I really catch it, I can get there.”

#14 Mulligan Guy

The name of our blog is Mulligang… so yeah, what do you think?
Defining characteristics: Liberally allows himself another whack even when first shot is findable.
Favorite expression:¬†“Wait, wait, wait. I gotta try another.”

#18 The Overcelebrater

Ok… yeah… but this normally directly correlated with #7 and how many booze we’ve had¬†
Defining characteristics: Treats every holed three footer as if just won the Masters. Has sent multiple playing partners home early thanks to overzealous chest bumping.
Favorite expression:¬†“Yes SIR!”

#26 The Ansel Adams

Pat like’s taking photos! hahaha. She’s not this bad though ūüôā
Defining characteristics:¬†Incapable of letting a moment pass without trying to capture the perfect photo, whether it’s of a person, hole, or squirrel.
Favorite expression:¬†“Hold on guys, let’s get one here with the ball washer in the background.”

#30 Overactive Bladder Guy

Yes… but once again… directly related to #7
Defining characteristics:¬†Only catches fragments of conversations because he’s endlessly B lining into woods.
Favorite expression:¬†“Wow, guess I had too much iced tea!”

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